2016-05-14 10:57:40.0China urges US to stop illegal anti-dumpingWTO,anti-dumping ,China,US,trade11010460Economy2@webnews/enpproperty-->BEIJING - China will take enforcement action against the United States under the WTO dispute settlement framework to urge the latter to stop illegal anti-dumping activities.2016-05-13 14:33:56.0Debt-for-bond swap quickened to lower local govts' burdengovernment, debt, bond S&P warns local debt can witness increase11010460Economy2@webnews/enpproperty-->

Yang said Chinese tourists were very scared to visit Egypt at first due to the country's political and security situation, but they were encouraged following the Chinese president's visit earlier this year.The increase is driven largely by private companies, over 70 percent of the total, growing 5.1 percent between January and April, compared with a decline of 14.1 percent for the state sector.香港网上博彩开奖视频

"A listed company is creating a bubble in the disguise of mergers and acquisitions. If a company is not performing well in its core business, it starts investing in some unrelated virtual industries and this will eventually harm the interests of investors," the source added.The Jinpu New Area has a simplified administrative structure, Zhang noted.

Though the focus of scientific and technological development in China has been shifting from quantity to quality, the country still lags behind developed ones in terms of cutting-edge and core technologies in fields of military and national security, he said.How can China's hard and long-drawn economic transition be judged from what its cities have done to drive local economic growth? The fact is they have basically done nothing in the past three years.

Under the MOU, the banks agree to deepen their promotion of economic development and investment in countries where both are active.The E Hub last year attracted 124 startups, about half of which are from Hong Kong. It plans to incubate another 50 HK teams in 2016.

The four Chinese cities, along with Tokyo and Osaka in Japan, and city-state Singapore, made the Asia-Pacific region the best place for luxury retailers to reach out to increasingly affluent consumers.The article further confirmed the view that China's policy easing has peaked in the near term, UBS said in a research report.

Sharing his own entrepreneurship experience and opinions on the sector, Feng Xin, chairman and CEO of Beijing Baofeng Technology Co Ltd, said Baofeng's three key words in the next 10 years are "Cross-border", "Connection" and "Data Technology (DT)".深圳百家乐投注Nearly 6 million Chinese travelers came to South Korea last year, a number that would have been higher if not for the scare from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), according to tour agencies.Comments Print Mail Large Medium Small

Salt producers will be able to determine their own production scale and market salt directly, rather than selling only to state distributors, while price controls will be scraped from 2017, according to a statement by the State Council on Thursday.Meanwhile, China's outbound direct investment stood at .08 billion in the first four months of this year, up by 71.8 percent from the same period of last year.

BEIJING -- Risks in bonds issued by China's centrally-administered state firms are "controllable," the country's state assets supervisor said on Friday after an number of recent debt defaults spooked investors.In the same month, industrial production registered year-on-year growth of 6 percent, down by 0.8 percentage points compared with March. It increased by 0.47 percent in April month-on-month.

"We believe that, combined with more actions to cut overcapacity, this represents the most appropriate strategy to anchor growth and counter deflation," said the report.Comments Print Mail Large Medium Small广州双赢彩大全The MOU notes cooperation will take place in the form of regular dialogue at the level of senior management, exchanges of information on respective policies and strategies and on activities in common areas where the banks invest.

Denis Depoux, deputy president of Roland Berger Strategy Consultants for Asia, said China's policymakers will be increasingly evaluating economic, environmental and operational efficiency, and upgrading manufacturing facilities toward more automated, digitally controlled and responsive factories.Comments Print Mail Large Medium Small2016-05-13 09:20:30.04 Chinese cities among world top 10 destination for luxury retailers: reportluxury,retail,China11010460Economy2@webnews/enpproperty-->

"For China and India, that reflects their massive young populations and large economies," the report said.1 2 Next Page

The products are mainly sold on online marketplace Amazon. "In the era of e-commerce, it costs less for Chinese manufacturers to try out original brands in overseas markets and we can receive instant feedback to improve our products," Wei said.A customer selects a bottle of Australian wine at a supermarket in Beijing. [Photo/Getty Images]